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Branding & Logos

Branding & Logos

Your company logo and corporate branding is one of the most important areas of your marketing strategy. A recognisable logo helps to increase brand resonance with potential clients and strong corporate branding will help your brand position itself within the marketplace in which you operate.

What logo design and corporate branding services do we offer?

Our knowledge of logo design, corporate branding and marketing allows us to help clients with their brand positioning. The services we offer include:

Custom logo design

A fundamental part of every businesses marketing is to have a logo that people will recognise. At Gazelle Design & Marketing we have a great deal of experience in custom logo design to allow new businesses or businesses looking to refresh their brand image to have a company designed from scratch.

The logos that we create for clients are designed to their specifications to include the colours, images and wording that they require.

Corporate branding & brand positioning

Corporate branding and brand positioning is key when trying to market your business to potential customers. Once you have established who your target audience is, the way you get your message out to them is key.

Our marketing experts understand the importance of brand positioning and corporate branding. As a design and marketing agency we understand the importance of positioning your brand and then setting up your corporate branding to convey the right message.

We offer clients a full design service for their corporate branding which can incorporate multi-brand touchpoints. The brand touchpoints that we can help with include; company logo, packaging, advertising, point of sales materials, stationery, and websites.

Do you need help with your corporate branding or company logo design?

If you would like help with your corporate branding or logo design,Gazelle Design & Marketing’s  marketing consultants and graphic designers are here to help. Call us on 01202 599077 or email us at to see what we can do.